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Forget everything you’ve heard about the wonders of bleach. Natural laundry soap is far better for whites than the chemical alternatives. The naturally derived ingredients deal with stains and spills on their own terms, without relying upon harsh treatment that degrades softer fabrics. Let your whites stay white, while remaining in your wardrobe for far longer, by avoiding the chemicals and switching to natural laundry soap.

Chlorine bleach is not the only solution for the white elements of your wardrobe. In fact, improper use of bleach can corrode your clothing’s fibers before their time. It is also known to irritate sensitive skin. Using bleach in combination with the mystery ingredients found in commercial laundry soaps and stain removers can cause nasty chemical reactions that can cause holes in fabric and harmful breathing air.  

Bleach alternatives are the safer, more natural way to get your whites white. These elements of natural laundry soap tend to be inexpensive and easy to acquire. Borax is a mineral compound with multiple uses. A concentrated paste of borax and tap water proves a powerful stain remover. Add a tablespoon to your load of whites for impressive results. Older, yellowing whites need a little more attention. A soak in cold water and baking soda is an eco-friendly way to restore these articles to a brand new state without exposure to chemicals or unpleasant smells. After the pre-treatment of difficult stains, wash your whites in hot water and natural soap. Skip the dryer in favor of a laundry line. 

It’s not a secret that air-drying is the greenest way to get your clothes dry. As a bonus, hanging your whites out in full sun can help any subtle stains to fade on their own without a long soak in noxious cleaning products. 

Natural laundry soap isn’t all powder and sunlight. The more familiar liquid form of laundry detergent is readily available in a plant-derived formula. Pure & Gentle’s formula is hypo-allergenic, biodegradable, and safe for septic systems. This detergent is free of the phosphates and dyes that might cause discoloration on white fabrics. It’s easier on fabrics, the environment, and your family’s skin. Skip the bleach – go natural for stunning whites!

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