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Contact dermatitis is a common, yet uncomfortable, skin rash that is caused by contact with a substance that irritates your skin. It can be a substance that causes an allergic reaction in certain individuals or any one of thousands of substances that are common irritants. It can take several weeks to recover from contact dermatitis, leaving you itchy and uncomfortable in the meantime. The best cure for contact dermatitis is prevention through the use of all-natural soaps, lotions and household cleaning products that do not contain irritants or allergens that cause this type of reaction.

Common Substances that Cause Contact Dermatitis
There are two categories of irritants that cause contact dermatitis: allergens and irritants. Allergens are substances that cause an allergic reaction in some people, but not others. Irritants are substances that actually damage your skin, causing contact dermatitis. Unfortunately, many of these substances are in commonly used products that come in contact with your skin, including:

– Chlorine or bleach
– Solvents
– Rubbing alcohol
– Perfumes
– Dyes
– Phosphates

These substances are found in hand and body soap, shampoos, dish soaps, laundry soaps and many other products that are sold for daily use. A person may have contact dermatitis yet have no idea which product they are using is causing the reaction. It could be their regular bar soap or the laundry detergent that leaves irritants on all their clothing. The best way to avoid contact dermatitis is to remove products that contain common allergens and irritants from your home.

All-Natural Soaps Without Allergens or Irritants
At Pure & Gentle, our products are created without the chemicals and irritants that commonly cause contact dermatitis. We only use all-natural ingredients in all our products, giving our customers the peace of mind that they will not be exposed to dyes, perfumes or other chemical substances. We use plant-derived ingredients to create healthy, effective products that are free from chlorine, phosphates and other irritating ingredients.

Our line of natural personal cleansing products include bar soap, liquid hand soap, shampoos, lotions and baby products. For those with extreme sensitivity to irritants and allergens, we have an entire line of products for sensitive skin, including body soap, shampoo, lotion and laundry soap.

We also offer a full line of home cleaning products free from irritating chemicals and perfumes, including dish soap, surface cleaners, laundry soap and anti-allergen products. Free your home of the products that can cause painful, itchy rashes with our safe, natural products which are good for your skin and also good for the environment.

Protect your family from contact dermatitis by removing the common products that cause irritation to the skin. At Pure & Gentle, we never add harmful chemicals, dyes, perfumes or phosphates to our products. Our all-natural soaps, lotions and cleaning products use only ingredients that are effective, yet safe, for your skin, preventing the red, uncomfortable rash of contact dermatitis in your family.

Our mission leads the way.