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Need some tips on how to use commercial cleaning products? Here are 8!

1. Bathrooms: General Cleaning

Using the appropriate commercial cleaning products, wipe down all mirrors, tiling and countertops, checking ledges and corners for cobwebs and dust.  Depending on the products used you may want to wear rubbers gloves or a mask.

2. Dust and Cobwebs

During winter, cobwebs seem to appear virtually overnight, so if these are neglected it can reflect badly upon the state of the office – and the cleaning company charged with maintaining it.  Remember to dust or wipe down counters, computer monitors and desks on a daily basis.

3. Pre-cleaning: Floors

The floor space makes up a large part of any commercial premises and so cleaning it is a major part of the work.  However, before getting down to it, it is important that any subsequent cleaning does not undo what you have already done.  It’s always wise to empty trashcans before cleaning the floor, as any misplaced crumbs can entail getting the vacuum cleaner out all over again.

4. Buffing Hard Floors

The buffing machine is a necessary part of all office cleaning, as scuff marks in busy corridors may need to be removed several times a week.  Make sure to also purchase the appropriate set of attachments, as these will make the process far quicker and more efficient.

5. Carpet Cleaning

As a rule of thumb, carpets may only need to be cleaned once a year; however, it is worthwhile to identify and monitor high traffic areas, as these may require a more regular treatment – perhaps quarterly.

6. Office Space

Always be careful not to disturb or misplace any documents or items left on the desk by the daytime office staff, keeping in mind that they should return to their desk as if nothing has changed – except that it is cleaner.

7. Bathrooms: Toilets and Maintenance

For basins, toilets and urinals use a sanitizer.  Once you have done this, check all soap and paper dispensers – including in each toilet stall – and refill as necessary.

8. Bathrooms: Floors

Much as you would with an office space, be sure to empty trash receptacles before cleaning the floor.  Mop the floors using a sanitizing solution. 

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