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You want the very best for your baby, from the food they eat to the car seat that keeps them safe on their travels. It only makes sense you would also only use the best care for their sensitive, soft skin. Here are four excellent reasons to switch to all-natural soap to protect your new baby.

1. No phosphates, perfumes or dyes. Many soaps contain chemicals that can irritate the skin, especially the sensitive skin of a baby. All-natural soaps for the body, hair and laundry, free from harsh ingredients, protects your baby’s skin from painful and itchy rashes. Keep in mind that even the clothes they wear can have residue left from laundry soaps with perfumes and other additives that can irritate the skin. Pure & Gentle laundry soaps only use natural ingredients, including our Baby Care Laundry Soap that is tough on stains yet leaves no harmful residue on your baby’s clothing.

2. Gentle cleansing for sensitive skin. All-natural soaps use mild cleansers that are perfect for the sensitive skin of a baby. At Pure & Gentle, we have a special body shampoo that is formulated specifically for tender skin of a baby, free of dyes and parabens. Only the mildest cleansers are used, leaving skin clean and soft.

3. Moisturizing with natural ingredients. A baby’s skin needs moisturizing to protect it from diaper rash, chaffing and other skin irritations. However, you do not want heavy moisturizing lotions that contain chemicals and perfumes. Our all-natural soaps have moisturizing nutrients like vitamin E and plant oils to protect your baby’s skin. We also offer an all-natural moisturizer formulated for a baby’s skin, free of fragrances and lanolin. It also contains arnica oil that helps heal the skin from chaffing.

4. Tear-free formulas without chemicals. Some ‘tear-free’ commercial soaps for babies actually contain many synthetic additives to stop eye irritation. If you read the ingredients of the most popular baby shampoos, you will see a long list of chemicals that are far from naturally derived. At Pure & Gentle, we formulate our baby skin and hair products to be naturally tear-free. Instead of adding chemicals, we leave out harsh cleansers that irritate the eyes. If a soap is gentle enough not to irritate the eyes, it is also gentle enough for your babies skin and hair.

You want the products you use on your baby’s skin to nourish the skin without the use of toxins and chemicals. At Pure & Gentle, we have an entire line of Baby Care soaps and lotions dedicated to the special needs of a baby’s sensitive skin, hair and scalp. All our soaps are all-natural, nutrient-rich, toxin-free and safe for your baby’s delicate skin.

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