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Everyone from your mother to the CDC agrees that regular hand washing is the best defense against common illnesses, which holds true at home and during working hours – especially if you work in an environment shared with other people. Winter’s cold weather brings with it an increased risk of pesky bugs, making hand washing an even bigger priority. A look at what soap you use can help you prevent any dryness or chafing from increased trips to the sink. Eco friendly soaps are much easier on rough hands, and they’re easier on the environment as well. Concerned about bacteria? Disinfectant soaps also come in an eco-friendly variety. Keep your hands and your living space clean with eco friendly soaps for a greener lifestyle without the sniffles!

Antibacterial soaps might not be the best choice for use directly on your skin. They contain alcohol and other chemicals that might dry your skin. With the increase of washing to prevent cases of the cold and flu, dryness is certainly something to watch out for. The FDA has found no increased benefit from using antibacterial hand soap versus a regular variety. As long as you wash your hands often and properly, any soap will do.

The right way to wash your hands isn’t complicated. Hot or cold water may be used. Simply wet your hands under a faucet, lather up, and sing the happy birthday song in your head as you work the soap in (you can also count to 30 slowly). Rinse off, and be sure to use a clean towel or air dry. A dirty towel or a swipe on your pants isn’t exactly perfect for maintaining cleanliness.

Eco friendly soaps for the cold season come in both bar and gel varieties. A bar soap is perfectly fine for home, but you might not want to share one with acquaintances at the workplace. Look for a mild soap that is gentle on your skin; Pure & Gentle has a few options to help you keep your hands clean as well as nourished. Our bars of eco friendly soaps are great for nourishing skin all-over, and our hand wash is specially made to keep your hands clean and soft.

Another concern for those seeking to avoid infections involves the use of anti-bacterial home cleansers. There are a few eco friendly soaps that disinfect, versus a multitude of not-so-green choices. One ingredient to look out for is triclosan; while this chemical works well to prevent gingivitis in toothpaste, its uses in the world of anti-bacterial gels has not been shown to do much of anything by the FDA. While your favorite bar or hand soap will work for your hands, hard surfaces around the work place and home may require a bit more attention. Pure & Gentle’s line of winter defense includes two eco friendly soaps that also work to disinfect in a safe and environmentally conscious fashion. Both soaps are registered with the EPA to eliminate bacteria and viruses on hard surfaces throughout your home.

Prevent sick days and do the planet a favor by choosing eco friendly soaps for all your cleaning needs. Pure & Gentle’s soaps are enriched with skin conditioners to nourish your hands as you cleanse away the grime of daily life. Our highly effective home cleaners are non-volatile and safe for septic systems. Concentrated formulas allow you to buy in bulk. This feature saves you money while reducing packaging waste. Best of all, our eco friendly soaps are scented with a wide selection of natural fragrances to leave your hands smelling as clean as they are. Show some love for the environment while conditioning your skin by choosing eco friendly soap and stay healthy!

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