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Carpet cleaning doesn’t have to be difficult or dangerous. From the occasional spill to deep cleaning, the right carpet cleaning products make it easy to keep your carpeted areas looking brand new.

Pure & Gentle’s naturally derived ingredients mean a safer home, free of ammonia and harsh polluting chemicals. Keep your carpets looking and smelling as great as they did when you first moved in while doing the environment a favor!

High traffic areas need a good wash every now and then to keep your house looking its best. Commonly used pathways accumulate dirt deep within the carpet over time. The same goes for areas in front of chairs and sofas. Regular vacuuming helps maintain a clean carpet, but sometimes it’s good to wash the fibers. Blot these areas with diluted carpet cleaning products on a damp sponge to remove everyday dirt and keep your carpets looking great and smelling fresh.

A deep clean is sometimes needed, but regular maintenance and the right carpet cleaning products help reduce the frequency of these more labor-intensive cleanings. Deep cleans require special equipment or a professional service. If you choose to do it yourself, look for carpet cleaning products that are safe for the environment. Pure & Gentle’s concentrated anti-allergy cleaner contains enough soap to clean up to 600 square feet of carpet. Concentration helps us save on packaging waste, and takes up less room in your cleaning cabinet!

Pure & Gentle’s carpet cleaning products help you remove spills and clean up spots easily and effectively. Our products are made with natural ingredients, so they are safe for barefoot homes and for use around young children. Our carpet cleaning products also contains no dyes, so they won’t damage lighter colored carpets and patterned area rugs. Remember to spot test before cleaning a larger area just in case! The gentle solution denatures odor-causing allergens on contact, making it a little easier to breathe.

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