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Pure natural products are the best choice for every area of every home. These products are better for the environment because they contain none of the harmful chemicals that make up the ingredient lists of most retail cleaners.

They also tend to do a better job at cleaning every room than the standard solutions! Pure & Gentle offers a long list of pure natural products to keep your home clean, safe, and planet-friendly.

Hardworking yet mild all purpose cleaner is one of our pure natural products. This concentrated solution is perfect for miscellaneous tasks across your home. All purpose cleaner works well as a floor cleaner for vinyl and tile. Instead of having multiple products for the various floors, you can instead mix up one diluted bucket of our concentrate and use it just about anywhere! Wash the walls, baseboards, counters, and floors easily and effectively with our environmentally friendly all-purpose cleaner. 

Bacteria are a big concern for kitchens and bathrooms. Not only do they make you sick, they also tend to produce unwanted odors. Traditional anti-bacterial soaps and sprays often contain a high level of unwanted chemicals. Pure natural products for bacteria removal are ideal for those who want a clean home. Pure & Gentle’s disinfectant cleaner is perfect for the bathroom, trash bin, and countertops. Our formula is EPA registered to eliminate bacteria and viruses on hard surfaces throughout your home, and contains no volatile chemicals. It comes with a handy spray bottle for quick cleaning anytime.

When it comes to dishes, pure natural products are the obvious choice for environmental friendliness. Dishes often need to be done once a day for any sized home. Dishwater finds its way to the nearby water treatment plant, but some runoff is inevitable. Biodegradable, naturally-derived dish soap helps you reduce your home’s impact on the environment from this daily chore. Our plant-based dish soap is very effective on grease and grime, but gentle enough for your hands. We also have pure natural products for those who do their dishes via machine. This detergent contains no bleach, chlorine, or volatile chemicals.  Both dish soaps come in a concentrated form to preserve space in your cleaning cabinet and reduce packaging waste.

Pure natural products for the shower and bath are not only better for the environment, but the ingredients of our soaps and shampoos have the added benefit of being amazing for skin and hair. Plant-based bar soaps have long been used as a solution for sensitive or dry skin. Nourishing oils and relaxing herbal scents leave you feeling soft and clean. Our concentrated shampoo contains vitamin E and natural honey for soft manageable hair. In combination, these pure natural products make your morning routine a relaxing and healthy affair.

The laundry room provides another great opportunity to get the benefits of pure natural products. Pure & Gentle’s Clean & Fresh liquid detergent is a hypoallergenic formula that denatures allergens on contact. Dust and pet dander don’t stand a chance! Since it is also free of dyes and bleaches, this solution is safe for even your most delicate clothes. Our washing machine deodorizer helps you keep your machine in top condition. A clean, fresh smelling machine makes for cleaner, fresher clothes.

Choose pure natural products for every cleaning job to help us protect the environment while you maintain a high level of cleanliness for every room in your house. Pure & Gentle’s commitment to eco-friendliness extends from our ingredients to our shipping and packaging practices. Concentrates allow you to mix only as much soap as you need for a particular task. Also, the bottles last longer and cut down on packing waste. You’ll likely find that our formulas also work better than the standard varieties. Make the switch to pure natural products for all your cleaning needs for a brighter, greener home! Visit our website and have our products shipped right to your doorstep.

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