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Green commercial cleaning supplies tend to cost less, work better, and last longer than the standard varieties that are commonly used by restaurants, so green cleaners aren’t only for use in the home anymore. More and more businesses are realizing the benefits of going green with their cleaning supplies. Eco friendly commercial cleaning supplies can help restaurants stay sanitary, without exposing their fare or their guests to an overload of chemicals.

As anyone in food service knows, constant cleaning is part of the job. The kitchen and dining areas both need to be spotless at all times for health, safety, and the comfort of guests. Commercial cleaning supplies are just as vital as what goes on the plates. You may want to consider switching to green cleaners. Green cleaners significantly reduce the business’s environmental impact – maybe even more so than other industries, due to the high levels of use needed to keep food preparation areas sparkling clean.

The first item on your list is a gentle, plant-derived all-purpose cleaner. This one cleaner eliminates the need for quite a few specific commercial cleaning supplies. The same cleaner may be used on the floors, the tables, and the front door. This saves storage space, cleaning time, and prevents the possibility of staff using the incorrect cleaner on surfaces. This style of eco-friendly cleaner is ideal to keep the bathrooms shiny and the garbage bins free of odor.

Second up: Dish soap. Restaurants of all sizes create more dirty dishes than just about anything else on the cleaning list. Going with green commercial cleaning supplies for your dish room shows attention and care for your guests, your employees, and the planet at large. This one can be a little tricky as commercial dishwashers all work differently. Pure & Gentle offers both liquid and powder to help you get the dishes clean and ready for their next offering. The all-natural formulas cut grease better than the usual soaps as well.

Clean hands are absolutely necessary for those who handle food. Greener hand soaps are easier on the skin. This is a big plus for people who are washing their hands with the necessary frequency demanded for food safety. Everyone has experienced “dish pan hands” more than once during a long shift. Having nice hand soap on hand will make people more likely to wash their hands as often as needed without the fear of chapping usually associated with the job. Green hand soaps in the bathroom might even impress a few guests and make them want to come back to such an eco-conscious establishment.

All of these eco friendly cleaning supplies come in a concentrated form and are available in bulk. Buying cleaners in bulk is nothing new to people of the food service industry. The cost of going green with commercial cleaning supplies should end up about equal to the usual stuff. However, these highly concentrated solutions require less soap to get each job done. Concentrates cut down on packaging costs and allow your restaurant to stretch a bottle over a longer period of time, so you end up saving money long-term.

Greener commercial cleaning supplies also smell much better than the standard stuff, which is a bonus for both guests and staff. The smell of your kitchen’s offerings should entice guests without being covered up by the smell of chemicals. Plant based cleaners tend to be scented with essential oils instead of ammonia. Our commercial cleaning supplies come in a variety of scents allowing you to pick and choose something that smells much better than the standard “cleaning supply cupboard” odor. Next time you need to restock, check out our green commercial cleaners for the happiness of your guests, your staff, and the environment at large.

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