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“Time to clean out the garage.” Is any phrase more dreaded than that? Well maybe, but it’s still terrible.

Clearing away a plethora of car cleaning products may be a daunting hassle: half-used bottles, tubs, and jars of various cleaners. One cleaner keeps the paint from fading, one supposedly provides a rust-free shine, and another promises to keep your dashboard and steering wheel looking like new. They’re all different, make astounding claims, and collectively cause your garage to smell like a vat of chemicals. Regardless of declarations to the contrary, the truth is that the best car cleaning products consist of a mild soap free from harsh solvents. A mild soap free from harsh solvent, along with a hose and a soft cloth, are really all that you need to clean your car.

It’s comforting to think that so much of the clutter in the garage could be replaced with a single bottle. Not only that, but investing in just one bottle of concentrated cleaner for the whole car means even more space saved, and you end up buying cleaning products less often. Who wants to spend their Sunday running out to buy a separate cleaner just for the seats of the car? Why spend energy prying a crusty cap off an ancient bottle? Concentrated cleaners give you the option to mix up a fresh batch of solution each time you clean, or you can mix some in a convenient spray bottle and keep it readily on hand. Many organic cleaning products will be sold complete with an appropriately sized mixing bottle.

Environmentally friendly companies are creating natural concentrated cleaners that are consistently rated among the best car cleaning products. These are versatile cleaners that are gentle, yet they are effective for the inside and outside of your favorite ride. Cars, Floors, and More All-Purpose Cleaner is such a brand, utilizing natural orange oil to create a concentrated cleaner that saves space, time, effort, and money. The best part of cleaning the garage and the car is being finished and then taking a step back to admire all that hard work – why not save while doing it.

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