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The products we buy for our homes often come in excessive packaging, and while things like electronic goods and fragile items require this to keep them safe, excess packaging need not extend to household cleaners. Natural cleaners that come in a concentrated form reduce packaging waste far more than diluted cleaners found at the grocery store, since companies that focus on producing natural cleaners tend to take pride in being more eco-friendly.

Pure and Gentle’s natural cleaners come in a concentrated solution to reduce their environmental impact by up to 75% when compared to the average cleaner. Our plant-derived solutions come with two bottles, one that contains the concentrated soap, and another to hold your diluted formula for convenience during everyday tasks, so that you reduce your household’s waste output by one plastic container every time you fill the reusable bottle. We also focus on making our cleaners hard working so that you require less soap overall to get the job done. Pure and Gentle offers natural cleaners for all your household’s needs in concentrated form, including hand soap, laundry detergent, dish liquid, all-purpose cleaner, and upholstery shampoo, all of which are sure to become your new favorite cleaning products.

Our line of shower soaps also comes in reduced packaging. The bar soaps come simply wrapped in recyclable brown paper, and the shampoos and body washes come in concentrated formulas, much like our household cleaners. The natural ingredients also make them better for the health of your skin and hair.

Natural cleaners that come in a concentrated form are more eco-friendly because they reduce the amount of packaging around them to cut down on how much waste your household produces. The solutions themselves are also better for the environment as a whole, both within your home and for the planet at large. Take a big step toward making your household a cleaner, greener place by switching to concentrated natural cleaners for every cleaning task.

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