Healthy Pets


No matter what kind of pet you own, young animals are messy, so non toxic cleaning supplies are essential to make a safe environment for them. Kittens are almost naturally litter trained, but they still leave the box with messy paws; puppies are infamous for accidents; any small rodent or reptile will leave a muck if it ever escapes. In those formative months, you’ll probably find yourself cleaning the house much more often than usual. That’s normal, but it can pose a risk to your new pet. All living bodies are susceptible to poison and toxins, but young children and animals are especially in danger. To keep them, and you, healthy, ensuring all of your products are non toxic cleaning supplies will protect your home and animals for the long run.

Every living body creates a mess, but humans have always contained theirs: once in outhouses, now in plumbing systems and diapers. That’s harder to accomplish with animals, especially young animals that see every square foot of a home as a potential restroom. It’s a gross but unavoidable fact of pet rearing, so those surprise messes every morning are just something you have to learn to live with. They can be so gross it’s tempting to soak your floors and rugs in the harshest chemicals available, but that’s a dangerous solution. Puppies and kittens don’t just have accidents everywhere: they taste, chew, and explore every crevice of a new home. Covering a home in bleach and ammonia will enter the air and affect everyone, but if your pets lick the area, their bodies will absorb it much more severely. To keep your place presentable and safe, you need to sanitize regularly, but to keep your pets safe, you need to do so with non toxic cleaning supplies.

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