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There’s no place like home, so why would you drench it with harmful cleaning products that are bad for you and the environment? It’s time to ditch your chemical-laden cleaning products and start using all-natural cleaning solutions. Your home is your castle – start treating it like one.

The majority of household cleaners contain a hazardous cocktail of chemicals that can cause reproductive issues, aggravate asthma, burn and/or irritate your skin. Some studies even link the toxins found in everyday cleaning products to cancer. And while everyone wants a clean house, are you willing to risk you and your loved ones health by covering your home sweet home with poison?

The issue has become so serous that even Congress is viewing dangerous chemicals as a national health threat. In May, Congress introduced legislation that completely overhauls four decades of chemical safety laws in the Toxic Substances Control Act, which hasn’t been reauthorized since President Gerald Ford first signed it into law in 1976.

Receiving bipartisan support, this legislation will allow the Environmental Protection Agency to acquire more information before approving a chemical. This is a long overdue and monumental first step toward protecting consumer health, but in the meantime, what can you do to ensure your home is devoid of these dangerous chemicals without sacrificing cleanliness?

The answer is to choose wisely and go natural, using products free of toxins and chemicals. Many natural cleaning products provide a deep clean bound to impress the biggest germophobe in the house – all while protecting you, your loved ones and our earth from harmful contaminants.

So toss the toxins and go natural. At Pure & Gentle, we’ve been crafting green cleaning products for more than 20 years, educating people around the world about the benefits of using natural ingredients. For example, our exclusive Econcentrate All Purpose Cleaner is highly concentrated and formulated with all-natural orange oil, eliminating up to 20 conventional cleaners – all while honoring your health and Mother Nature.

For a full list of natural, green body care, baby care, puppy care and cleaning products, visit our Pure & Gentle online store.

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