Healthy Home


It’s easy for people to be aware of they put on their own skin and feed to their children. A glance at ingredients and quick Google search can help direct people to the companies that are doing their best for the earth. Environmental consciousness used to just result in a switch to wind energy, but it can now progress to buying green pet products.

From dog fresheners to animal shampoos, companies have now made nearly every household purchase available in a green variety. For pet owners concerned about how much waste their home produces, this is a great development. Because these products reduce packaging and the carbon footprint by as much as 75%, they allow a more holistic household consciousness to going green. Additionally, they remain dye, preservative, and phosphate free, which means the factories producing them dump less chemicals into the earth, and the run off from pet baths is in no way harmful to the planet.

Beyond the reduction of waste and chemicals, green pet products are better for their intended users: the animals themselves. Many people are concerned about the products they consume and put in their hair—for reasons that remain equally valid for their pets. Just looking at smoky factories that produce household products makes it clear: chemically altered compounds can’t be as safe as plant-derived, raw materials. Anything unnatural that goes into the body will intrinsically affect the body. Many humans are aware of this and opt for a healthier life with eco friendly products. Now they can opt for a healthier life for their pets too.

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