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Despite the growing demand for pure natural products, they remain among the most elusive items to actually find in stores. Major retailers still prefer stocking products that use the cheapest manufacturing methods, which usually entails a lot of toxic plastics from China. Even local stores and boutiques aren’t the most reliable sources for natural and organic goods; they’re better for the economy, but many just carry more durable lines of the same common labels. To really find stores that carry pure natural products, the easiest solution is turning to the largest place of modern commerce: the Internet.

Especially in smaller towns, alternatives to Wal-Mart hardly exist. Most local grocers and fabric shops have disappeared in the wake of huge retailers, and few people have the time or gas money to drive a hundred miles to the nearest metropolis. Even there, though, actually locating stores that carry pure natural products is like finding a silver needle in a vat of tin needles. A haystack would be easier, because there’s little distinction between the stores that carry natural wares and those that don’t. They’re next to impossible to identify, and usually being small their product lines change quickly. The most reliable source, then, is simply to shop online.

It might seem counterintuitive to use faceless technology to find natural products, but few other sources can ensure your purchases are really pure and natural. When they’re sold online, most product descriptions offer more information than a sales person can ever recite. By reading where and how it’s manufactured, people can definitively know their purchases are good for the earth and their home. Buying online might not hold the same allure as going to a local shop, but it’s become the safest, easiest method for buying good products.

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